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Or as we all know him, Iron Man. Tony suffers from a strong case of arrogance, though few would argue his arrogance is unwarranted. His companion in chains is the kind hearted Yinsen, another brilliant scientist who keeps Tony alive with an invention of his own, and ultimately is martyred trying to help Tony escape. For the ENTP, a partner of equal or greater intelligence is a must. ENTPs, while they tend to be excellent leaders if they feel so inclined, typically adopt a more lassiez-faire attitude towards the world around them as they value independence and expect those around them to be independent as well. Of course, he ends up joining, as he knows that he would be an invaluable asset to the team and that the world is depending on him. Once he does join, he is often looked to for leadership from all in the organization. ENTPs may seem like the Energizer Bunny with their constant stream of ideas and loquacity, however, they are not immune to the stresses of everyday life.

Memories of Iron Worm/Iron Man Cross

Pepper Potts in the Iron Man franchise. Thanks to Tumblr, I’m absorbing way more promo material for the new Avengers movie than I otherwise would. Which isn’t to say that I’m not psyched about The Avengers I am!

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Edit Pepper greeted Christine Everhart after her one night stand with Stark, giving back her clothes, and coldly escorting her out after Christine mildly insults her, to which Pepper subtly responds back by referring to her as “the trash that needs to be taken out”. She then prepared Tony for his imminent trip to Afghanistan. While managing his tasks, Tony remembered that it was Pepper’s birthday and subtly, but sincerely wishes her happy birthday while having a conversation.

When Stark returns from his capture by the Ten Rings terrorist organization, Pepper is amongst the crowd and rides with him and Happy Hogan to get him a Burger King burger and call a press conference. Not long later, Pepper helped Stark replace his original Arc Reactor, and, despite Stark’s order to destroy it, frames it in a glass with the line “Proof that Tony Stark has a heart” on the base.

Pepper is later, the first to discover that Stark is Iron Man, and nearly resigns because of the stress, but is unable to go through with it. At the Disney Concert Hall, Stark and Pepper share a dance and almost kiss, but when Stark goes to get her a drink, he learns of the Ten Ring’s activities in the town of Gulmira, and that Obadiah Stane was the one who locked him out of the company.

He quickly flies off to rescue the town, leaving Pepper alone on the roof. Determined to make amends for his mistakes, Stark sends Pepper to find the shipping records of Stark Industries, so he can track down the illicit shipments and destroy them.

Edwin Jarvis

Iron Man is getting an all-new series this year as part of Marvel Comics ‘ “Fresh Start” initiative, but that’s not the only thing new for the Avenger. Iron Man revealed that in the fourth issue, Tony and Janet will rekindle an old romance between them complete with a cover from Alexander Lozano featuring the heroes kissing while presumably on the clock.

The pair are wearing their respective uniforms, though Jan has Iron Man’s mask dangling from her fingers. Tony and Janet being a thing isn’t new.

And now, in Iron Man 3 – after two Iron Mans and The Avengers – Robert Downey Jr.’s billionaire industrialist, a.k.a. the “man in a can,” seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Sleep-deprived.

The more we see of both, the more it appears that Downey might just be playing himself. Robert Downey Jr, however, takes it to the next level. According to his Road Trip co-star Zach Galifianakis, Downey knows someone who makes prosthetics for film stars and celebrities to use in order to go about in public unnoticed. This guy, like, will take a mold of your face, Robert was saying, and alter it.

Apparently finding the question disrespectful of his colleague, he shut down the whole query immediately. Similarly, when a Channel 4 interview for Avengers: Age Of Ultron brought up his troubled past, he walked out. He can be a real-life hero Last year, a story emerged about Downey — pre-superstardom, pre-rehab — acting in a distinctly heroic fashion. An elegant but elderly lady slipped at a Hollywood party and cut her leg quite badly, and while onlookers stood shocked, it was Downey who took charge.

He used his cream linen jacket to staunch the blood, flirted outrageously to distract the victim from her pain, and asked someone to call an ambulance, to bring water, to fetch a blanket. He stayed until help arrived, ruining a good suit but winning over one grateful family for life. He owns a collection of fabulous cars Credit:

Iron Man and Pepper Potts

Though she was named Pepper Potts from the start, Stark addresses her as “Kitty” in one panel, which is thought to be a typo. Heck modeled Potts as Ann B. Someone on the creative team or in editorial came to feel that the resemblance was too great, and in Tales of Suspense 50, Potts’ look was altered to give her red hair and a different hairdo. Fictional character biography[ edit ] Early history[ edit ] Potts is originally a member of a secretarial pool, and gets her job by fixing an accounting error made by Stark.

Iron Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel character was co-created by writer and editor Stan Lee, developed by scripter Larry Lieber, and designed by artists Don Heck and Jack character made his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #39 (cover dated March ), and received his own title in Iron Man #1 (May ).

Share this article Share Downey, who met his wife on the set of Gothika in , has admitted he got the huge paycheck for his portrayal of Iron Man. He landed a deal with Marvel Studios in to include him being paid a percentage, reportedly five per cent or higher, of the box office take for any future movie in which he played the character. Robert looked really pleased that his wife was on hand and planted a big kiss on her face Perfect couple: Downey proposed to his wife after meeting her on the set of Gothika in Match made in heaven: Susan famously said she thought Downey would dump her after Gothika finished filming, saying: We shot most of this movie in North Carolina and we had the best summer there,’ he added.

Robert Downey Jr stops kissing his wife to briefly scare crowds Standing tall: Sir Ben Kingsley who also stars in the film joined the couple to pose up for pictures They have the power: Well, Robert does and his producer wife Susan just looks lovely his side Co-star Sir Ben Kingsley heaped praise on Robert for his portrayal of the billionaire businessman turned superhero.

Which is the more powerful? Is it the guy inside the suit, or is it the suit itself? What are you looking at?

Pepper Potts

Sleep-deprived and prone to panic attacks, Stark is spending most of his time tinkering with his collection of armored Iron Men – loads of them, each more advanced than the last. He seems closer with Jarvis, the disembodied A. And then a guy with a pronounced bin Laden vibe – not to mention a bin Laden beard – hacks into the TV networks with viral videos of bombings and assassinations.

With recent news that Mary Jane is now a member of Tony Stark’s supporting cast, it reminded me of a previous encounter between the two characters, that time when Tony and MJ apparently had an affair.

You either love him or hate him, and it’s easy to see why. Dogmatism mixed with rich boy flippancy isn’t always the best look. On the other hand, he’s been with the Avengers pretty much since day one, he’s invented half the tech in the Marvel Universe, and at least he’s got a good sense of humor about himself. He might have had a lot of loves in life, but most of them utterly crushed his already-overburdened heart into pulp—not to mention most of them have been supervillains.

That typically leaves us with one very single, very available multimillionaire with an inferiority complex running around the Marvel universe most of the time. Besides a fling with the She-Hulk and his short-lived dalliance with a then-villainous Black Widow, here are some other women to show up on Tony’s dance card. Sunset Bain It’s not really Sunset Bain’s fault she’s a supervillain.

Naming your kid Sunset Bain is like naming your kid Jarvis; you already kind of have a future planned out for them. Although she first showed up in comics as a Machine Man villain, Bain has gone on to cause all kinds of problems for heroes across the Marvel universe, and that’s the kind of ambition I really admire in life. Despite being a fairly awful human being, Sunset’s saving grace is that she’s brilliant and really good at tricking everyone—all the time!

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Edit Pepper greeted Christine Everhart after her one night stand with Stark, giving back her clothes, and coldly escorting her out after Christine mildly insults her, to which Pepper subtly responds back by referring to her as “the trash that needs to be taken out”. She then prepared Tony for his imminent trip to Afghanistan. While managing his tasks, Tony remembered that it was Pepper’s birthday and subtly, but sincerely wishes her happy birthday while having a conversation.

Watch video · Robert Downey Jnr’s performance as Tony Stark/Iron Man is a power-house and one of his best, doing much with the smart dialogue while making the emotional side of the characters wholly believable. Gwyneth Paltrow is a good, loyal side-kick with wise-cracks that don’t come across as annoying and Jeff Bridges is surprisingly very good in an.

New Year’s Day comes, and the distraught Aldrich Killian is still waiting for Tony Stark on the roof of a building in Bern , Switzerland , because Stark promised to meet him there. Meanwhile, Stark chose to party and sleep with Maya Hansen. Her father gets distracted, due to a fight between Jessica and Phillip over a video game, causing their car to crash with a truck that is carrying a container of chemicals. The Jones family die in the crash.

Eventually, the corpse of Jessica is retrieved by IGH , they do experiments on her resurrecting her, but giving her powers as a side effect. The horrific experience would affect Jessica’s deeply as she decided to investigate the situation 17 years later. Right after, Jessica Jones is adopted by the Walker family. She reveals her powers to Trish and promises her that she will protect her from her mother.

The parents are killed, and twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff , aged 10, are left trapped in the rubble.

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