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Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Unlike Hulya, I think it’s not that uncommon in Turkey. Men do not have a problem with their own virginity. However, Turkish society, especially at the rural parts of the country, girls are brought up with a traditional sense of virginity. Therefore it is normal that many would still be virgin until getting married. In general for Kurdish people, it is more important I guess. If your friend is male, he could certainly have some issues. If female, then it is the way she is brought up.

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The designation “Armenia” applies to different entities: State Department map of an Armenia, and the current republic of Armenia. The notion “Armenian culture” implies not just the culture of Armenia but that of the Armenian people, the majority of whom live outside the current boundaries of the republic of Armenia. Armenians call themselves hay and identify their homeland not by the term “Armenia” but as Hayastan or Hayasdan. The origins of these words can be traced to the Hittites, among whose historical documents is a reference to the Hayasa.

In the Bible, the area designated as Armenia is referred to as Ararat, which the Assyrians referred to as Urartu.

There were a lot of negatives in my recent trip to Turkey, but a positive was being able to witness how Turkish men work in groups to get laid. For men who are not allowed to pick up their local women due to cultural and social barriers, I was duly impressed with their wingmanship and coordination.

Mevlana Museum in Konya was built by the Seljuk Turks in Konya was the capital of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum Anatolia. In , the Seljuks defeated the Byzantines at the Battle of Manzikert , starting the Turkification process in the area; the Turkish language and Islam were introduced to Armenia and Anatolia, gradually spreading throughout the region. The slow transition from a predominantly Christian and Greek -speaking Anatolia to a predominantly Muslim and Turkish -speaking one was underway.

The Mevlevi Order of dervishes , which was established in Konya during the 13th century by Sufi poet Celaleddin Rumi , played a significant role in the Islamization of the diverse people of Anatolia who had previously been Hellenized. In its wake, one of the Turkish principalities governed by Osman I would evolve over the next years into the Ottoman Empire. In , the Ottomans completed their conquest of the Byzantine Empire by capturing its capital , Constantinople.

Culture and etiquette

Kalkan Rental Properties Letoon Letoon was the sacred cult center of Lycia, its most important sanctuary, and was dedicated to the three national deities of Lycia – Leto and her twin children Apollo and Artemis. Leto was also worshiped as a family deity and as the guardian of the tomb. Letoon lies less than 10 km to the south of Xanthos on a fertile plain.

When you first start living with your Turkish Partner you may find you have more problems than putting the toilet seat down and who left the top of the toothpaste tube.

Typical Turkish — 10 Traits, Customs and Etiquette of Turkish Society Typical Turkish — 10 Traits, Customs and Etiquette of Turkish Society 27th March As in every country, each society has their own unique characteristics and practices native to that country, Turkey being no exception. So here are our ’10 Classic Turkish habits’ – Enjoy! Eat Yogurt with every meal Breakfast lunch and dinner, plain yogurt is enjoyed at nearly every meal; it is even made into a popular drink called ‘Ayran’. Plain yogurt is a common place ingredient in Turkish cooking and is eaten most days.

Born Fortune Tellers Some Turkish people have a special gift, the gift of coffee cup reading… In Turkey it is very popular to predict your fortune through looking inside the cup after you have finished your coffee. Turkish Coffee Coffee cup reading is a common tradition, in fact it is as old as Turkish coffee itself. Some coffee houses in Turkey employ professional coffee cup readers so one can enjoy a superb Turkish coffee, and then experience a fascinating glance into the future.

Use Evil Eye Pendants The evil eye or Nazar Boncugu bead is a common decorative blue glass bead with the symbolic eye on it, which you will see adorn homes, cars, jewelry and people.

Culture and etiquette

The fruits of labor expresses itself with beautiful objects that can be viewed as the mortar holding the bricks of Polish customs on a solid foundation. Both celebrate the Summer of Love. Launching her candle lit wianka at dusk in hopes it will find its way to the man of her dreams.

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To receive our exclusive listings that can’t be seen anywhere else. Selected Search Love and marriage in Turkey Love and marriage in Turkey Turkish traditions and culture surrounding the world of love and marriage can be strange to outsiders – and not a little old fashioned. We explore dating, engagement, love and marriage in Turkey and all its glorious variety. Dating in Turkey In larger cities, dating is more relaxed.

But in Turkey’s more rural communities the old traditions still live on: That could be flowers, gifts or big romantic gestures. But in Turkey these gestures are considered sweet, and simply a sign of devotion. However, society is changing and as Turkey grows into its twenty-first century skin, traditions are changing, with women shifting from a passive to an active role – including in the realm of courtship.

Despite recent changes, Turkish dating culture remains conservative, especially outside of the larger cities. However, one aspect of modern dating has taken off in Turkey: It’s rare to find a singleton in the city who’s not swiping away on Tinder, or spending their free time perusing dating sites.

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Pop Culture By Alison Nastasi February 9, Soon, people the world over will be silently judging their significant others by the size of their bouquet, box of chocolates, and bling. Ah, modern love — it all seems so trite when compared to the traditions of yore. Parts of the globe still practice these endearing and bizarre customs, and we bring you the best of the bunch after the break.

Colonial America For young couples considering marriage, bundling became a popular practice across Europe and Colonial America. Serious lovebirds would test the law of attraction by sleeping fully clothed in bed with a board or sack between them to quell any sexual temptation.

Turkish dating culture turkish t rk e, also turkish dating culture referred online dating scams in nigeria to as istanbul turkish, is the most free local senior dating sites widely spoken of the turkic languages, with around 10 15 million native speakers.

Find out more Essentials Planning your trip Book your trip Books Features Moroccans are extremely hospitable and very tolerant. Clothes are particularly important: It is true that in cities Moroccan women wear short-sleeved tops and knee-length skirts and may suffer more harassment as a result , and men may wear sleeveless T-shirts and above-the-knee shorts.

In rural areas at least, it is a good idea to follow these codes, and definitely a bad idea for women to wear shorts or skirts above the knee, or for members of either sex to wear sleeveless T-shirts or very short shorts. Even ordinary T-shirts may be regarded as underwear, particularly in rural mountain areas. The best guide is to note how Moroccans dress locally. It is customary to take a gift: Taxi drivers do not expect a tip, but always appreciate one. Mosques Without a doubt, one of the major disappointments of travelling in Morocco if you are not Muslim is not being allowed into its mosques.

This rule applies equally to the numerous whitewashed koubbas — the tombs of marabouts, or local saints usually domed: It is a good idea, too, to avoid walking through graveyards, as these also are regarded as sacred places. Women in Morocco There is no doubt that, for women especially, travelling in Morocco is a very different experience from travelling in a Western country.

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The national flag consists of a white crescent open toward the fly and a white star on a red field. The new Turkish lira ytl was introduced in There are coins of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Kurus, and 1 lira. The metric system is the legal standard. Comparatively, the area occupied by Turkey is slightly larger than the state of Texas. It is bordered on the n by the Black Sea, on the ne by Georgia and Armenia , on the e by Iran , on the se by Iraq , on the s by Syria and the Mediterranean Sea , on the w by the Aegean Sea, and on the nw by Greece and Bulgaria , with a total land boundary of 2, km 1, mi and a coastline of 7, km 4, mi.

Marriage in Turkey. The civil code made by the Parliament under the presidency of Atatürk outlawed polygamy and repudiation, which are provided for in Islamic law of some Moslem countries, albeit under strict regulations.

More Turkish Holidays Turkey is a country rich in history and culture. A trip to Turkey will be filled with fun, adventure, excitement and will be educational. With an estimated historical sites, beautiful beaches, colorful bazaars and market places, you will always find something to do. Also, enjoy the famous Turkish cuisine that is considered by gourmets in the top three of the world.

If planning a trip to Turkey for business or vacation do some research on the customs. Here you will find some tips for Turkish gift giving etiquette along with social and business etiquette. Turkish Gift Giving Practices and Etiquette If you are invited to a Turkish home, a gift for the host will be expected. Typically, gifts of pastries are given and Baklava is the most common.

Decorative items such as vases, goblets or ornaments are also good choices. If children are present, then it is customary to bring them candy or a small gift. Birthdays are a common gift giving occasion. Gifts can be almost anything that match a person’s interest and are similar in nature to what you’d give someone in the US for their birthday.

Dating in Turkey??? What are the norms??? Please help!?

All you need to know Written on: The northeast coast near the border is a tight combination of Turkish and Georgian culture as seen in the Laz and Hemsin communities and the southeast typically reflects Kurdish and Arabic culture, while the western coast in the last 80 years has been widely influenced by European traditions. However, quite a few traditions are strong fast across Turkey and any first time visitor will spot them immediately if they know what to look for.

Love and Marriage in Turkey Love, marriage and divorce may seem like straightforward topics, but Turkish customs concerning love and family are a bit different than American traditions. r>.

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I’ve visited there twice and was struck by the cultural inconsistencies, especially in the larger cities like Istanbul. There you’ll see young Turkish women wearing their traditional head scarves but holding hands and kissing their sweethearts in public. I’ve never witnessed anything so unusual.

Turkish Dating Customs. turkishDating site for single Arab women and men from all over the worldOne part of Turkish culture is social traditions that include hos geldiniz, removal of shoes, meal times and what to do if you are invited to a social 24, Im dating a Turkish girl and her mum says she shouldnt date because of her customs.

Merhaba everyone I am new to the forums. I am dating a man from Adana and we have been dating a little over a month. He seems very sweet, but he is also very hard-working Sometimes we have communication problems because he speaks English fairly well, but oftentimes he comes across something that he doesn’t know how to say. Unfortunately, I do not know Turkish.

I have been trying to learn it but it is a lot more difficult because it is nothing like the languages I already know! Anyway, I was wondering about cultural differences.