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Beginning with these classic releases, both listeners and critics heaped mounds of praise upon Guru and DJ Premier — the former because of his socially conscious lyrics and no-nonsense stance, the latter because of his DJ-style beat-making and jazzy sound. Following Hard to Earn — the duo’s fourth Gang Starr collaboration overall — Guru and Premier began focusing primarily on their solo projects, reuniting infrequently — too infrequently, many fans felt — for albums such as Moment of Truth and The Ownerz During this period of solo activity, Gang Starr became increasingly recognized as a touchstone, one that critics and hip-hop purists frequently cited as a standard-bearer for streetwise, socially conscious East Coast rap. Guru had founded Gang Starr a couple years earlier, in , and had already established a working relationship with Wild Pitch Records. Nice Guy , and its featured single, “Words I Manifest. Gang Starr subsequently moved to Chrysalis Records for their second album, Step in the Arena , on which they perfected the approach of their debut, that is, a stark, hard-hitting jazz-rap production style, complete with Premier ‘s masterful DJ cutting, over which Guru ‘s battle-rap-hardened yet smoothly delivered lyrics — often thoughtful, sly, and streetsmart — take flight. Gang Starr ‘s third album, Daily Operation , furthered the duo’s approach stylistically; widely considered an East Coast rap classic, it’s arguably Guru and Premier ‘s finest work, along with its predecessor. Beginning in , Guru and Premier began working separately. Guru ‘s debut album, Jazzmatazz, Vol. Amid all of this activity, Guru and Premier found time to record their fourth album, Hard to Earn , which was more hardcore-fashioned — as was the style at the time, in the wake of Death Row’s uprising — than past Gang Starr albums and, also unlike past efforts, featured guest rappers.

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There is a concise black skirt, an overwhelmed bra, and a wisp of a black top. Mostly, though, her look is all boobs and legs. It was a fairyland experience. It promises the requisite look inside the celebrity bubble, including rehearsals for her European tour, the planning of her wedding to billionaire James Packer later this year, and her unrelenting campaign against unflattering fluorescent lighting.

Moment of Truth was a significant departure from past Gang Starr efforts, very much contemporary in style; for example, the album features numerous guests (Inspectah Deck, Scarface, G. Dep, K-Ci & JoJo, M.O.P.) and bore little trace of the duo’s jazz-rap beginnings.

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A tribute to miners and the British Miners’ Strike of A Right to Life or anti-choice song. Inconvenience, interrupting other plans. The schedule had no room for you. A Pro-Choice or abortion rights song.

Jodeci (/ ˈ dʒ oʊ d ə s i / JOH-də-see) is an American R&B quartet with members DeVante Swing, Mr. Dalvin, K-Ci, and in in Charlotte, North Carolina, Jodeci’s members began their musical careers as two duos of brothers and, after years of limited success, joined signing with Uptown Records in , the group began to work on their debut album, Forever My Lady.

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Our Service CTI is a celebrity booking agency for paid events. We do not handle media requests, interviews, represent this talent, and can not give out any contact information. Not a Fan Site CTI will not give out direct celebrity contacts, relay messages or ask celebrities for donations on your behalf. Remember CTI cannot help on talent who will donate their fees for benefits. CTI cannot deliver personal requests for you. Celebrities do not donate their time and always will charge a fee to do any event, project, venue or celebrity appearance.

K-Ci was reported to be physcially abusive. They were both heavy into drugs and alcohol at the time. In , Mary J. Blige (was engaged to K-Ci at the time) went on live television show and the tv hosts showed her a video of an interview they’d just done with K-Ci in which they asked him about being engaged to Mary J. Blige.

History[ edit ] — Dalvin and DeVante Swing performed and toured in their own family’s gospel group, where the duos later made acquaintances through relationships the members were in at the time. The members soon drove to New York City with a 29 song, 3 tape demo, anticipating a signing deal with upstart Uptown Records.

Swing later commented on the signing, “we didn’t have an appointment but I knew what Uptown was, and I wanted us to be there. Dalvin created the group’s image. Combs helped get the image thru to Andre Harrell, [27] perpetuating hip-hop fashion, such as baseball caps and Timberland boots , to the group in order to establish a different aesthetic in the genre. It was about getting our sounds right because the vocals were already done. It was us going back in the studio recreating the beats and the melodies Most of the songs were written before we left North Carolina.

My brother was 16 and I was 14 when we wrote the songs In , a minor feud resulted over the band’s second album, Diary of a Mad Band ; Jodeci, unhappy with their treatment by Uptown, flirted with the idea of leaving for Death Row Records , which resulted in almost zero promotion for the album. Jodeci’s third album, The Show, the After Party, the Hotel , was released in July , reaching the second spot on the Billboard making it the group’s highest peaking release and topping the U.

Return and The Past, the Present, the Future[ edit ] In February , Timbaland revealed that he was in the process of working with Jodeci on their comeback album. The performance also included a snippet of a brand-new single titled “Nobody Wins”, which was released on December 22,

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Featured , Features , Lifestyle Tags: Toni Braxton 0 Comments Sadness can come from a plethora of things. Whether your heart is broken from the loss of a love or a life, there is a song out there to help you drown your sorrows. The music caters to every sentiment that we are experiencing at any given time, including when we are feeling gloomy, discarded, unwanted, or full of despair. These songs that are listed below will more than likely ease the pain, so grab a tub of ice cream or some black label and sink, so you can swim.

It’s been five years since the last K-Ci and JoJo release and since the the duo has been featured on their own reality show, and JoJo and his wife Tashaunda appeared on VH1’s “Couples Therapy” to resolve their relationship issues mostly revolving around JoJo’s drinking problem.

Which, in this case, means celebrating love in its most pure, exuberantly intimate form: Music history is riddled with visual duets of lovers sharing their feelings across four minutes of confessional balladry. And in spite of hearing just about every combination of this medium imaginable, there are several gold standards particularly from the blissfully wonderful early s that have yet to outstay their welcome. While most of these picks see well-shot, high-budgeted celebrations of plain old romantic love, some celebrate bad ass friendships and the simple joys of being promiscuous.

Regardless of whether or not you have a boo, bust open the chocolates and get down to our Top 10 Favorite Music Video Couples. The video caused some controversy as it was allegedly banned from BET, when in reality Ciara never got back to them with PG-rated edits.

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Whitegirl Julia Stiles in Save the Last Dance Armond White Make text smaller Make text larger When Oliver Stone paraded Cameron Diaz, the white girl of the moment, through Any Given Sunday’s football locker room and posed her next to a black player with the most ostentatious black phallus in the history of Hollywood cinema, American moviegoers everywhere suddenly understood semiotics. A friend asked me which I thought was more radical: Or all of Beloved.

Nothing so audacious occurs in Save the Last Dance. Its white-girl-and-black-guy provocation is, well, ho-hum. But something must explain this movie already making more money than the Jungle Fever.

Porsha Williams Is Back Home, After Being Hospitalized K-Ci – Jodeci Has NOT Broken Up! Scottie Pippens Ex Larsa Addresses Divorce Backlash– I’m Not A Gold Digger, I’ve Always Had Money! Alluded To Quitting Saweetie Asked Zaytoven’s Advice Before Dating Quavo Midterm Elections Make History As LGBT Democrats.

History[ edit ] — Dalvin and DeVante Swing performed and toured in their own family’s gospel group, where the duos later made acquaintances through relationships the members were in at the time. The receptionist kept saying she couldn’t help me”. The members soon drove to New York City with a 29 song, 3 tape demo, anticipating a signing deal with upstart Uptown Records.

Swing later commented on the signing, “we didn’t have an appointment but I knew what Uptown was, and I wanted us to be there. In skepticism of the high quality production, Harrell requested the group to perform, where they performed ” Come and Talk to Me ” and ” I’m Still Waiting “, [23] in the presence of Jeff Redd. Dalvin created the group’s image.

Love (disambiguation)

The reason for this is two-fold: I was freakishly scared to kiss a boy. I know, I know.

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However, no matter how tense your relationship gets, we guarantee you it has nothing on the chaotic splits between these music stars. From infidelity allegations to proposal confusion and lyric shade, one thing is very clear: When artists break up, they really break up. Quite the opposite, actually. Well, one reason was The Dream getting caught cheating on Milian with his assistant on a beach. And the worst part?

It all went down just months after Milian gave birth to their daughter Violet Madison Nash. A horrible, crazy year and explosion in my life. Things got worse in when Breezy posted a video saying he loved two women at the same time RiRi and his then-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. This led to one of the messiest pop culture love triangles of all time.

Who can forget the time Brown literally left Tran at his own house to attend a basketball game with Rihanna? To add insult to injury, Rivera married now-husband Ryan Dorsey only months after breaking up with Big Sean. Sean started dating Ariana Grande in October , but they broke up eight months later. There were allegations about infidelity that Derulo eventually shot down.

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