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Georgina Sparks Portrayed by Michelle Trachtenberg in seasons one till six, Georgina Sparks is a ruthless, manipulative girl from Serena’s past who returns to New York City in the final episodes of season one after escaping drug treatment in Utah. Before that, she was supposed to be at an Equestrian circuit but sold her show pony for cocaine , prompting her parents to send her to rehab. Being Serena’s friend, she wants Serena to be back to her old self and join her in doing things they used to do together. Her sudden return causes Serena to relapse into her old habits and even fixes Serena’s drink which causes her to wake up late for her SATs. After Serena asks that she leave Manhattan, she becomes even more determined to ruin her life. Georgina persuades Dan to almost sleep with her, but this leads to a confrontation with Serena. Blair, taking matters into her own hands, informs her parents of her location, persuades Dan to make Georgina fall for Blair’s trap and is sent to a reform school recommended by Blair herself.

Why i prefer Nate/Serena instead of Dan/Serena

Vanity Fair, in honor of this year anniversary, did a fascinating reflection piece with the cast except Penn Badgley, a. Dan Humphrey, who declined to be interviewed like a true Lonely Boy. You should read the whole thing here , but below, the juiciest tidbits. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1.

Feb 08,  · Hi, I am Serena Miller. I used to be a normal high school student. But something happened. I got tangled into Regina, who used to be the Prom Queen of the school, and her boyfriend Nate’s affair. I start to change myself into a new girl, I am not gonna let Regina push me over. And I defeated Regina and became the new Prom Queen in the annual prom party/5().

Serena is described as a rich and popular girl who is quite often featured on the blog of the mysterious Gossip Girl. Originally intended as the book series’ protagonist, she was given the supporting role in favor of Blair Waldorf, her friend and occasional competitor. Contents [hide] 1 Book series background 1. Many of the girls at Constance Billard accuse her of giving sexual favors, or her wealth and happy-go-lucky nature as the reason why everything seems to go her way.

She is not incredibly academic, but is often told that she is not meeting her full potential. Her father runs the same Dutch shipping firm his great-great-grandfather created in the s and her mother, Lillian van der Woodsen, is a socialite. Her parents are on the boards of all major charities and art organizations in the city and live at luxurious Fifth Avenue, a ritzy, white-gloved-doorman building directly across the street from the Met and Central Park.

The van der Woodsens own half the top floor, and live in a fourteen room penthouse, with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a bar-sized living room and staff quarters.

‘Gossip Girl’ recap: Everybody hates Serena

Before I get into analyzing your zodiac sign, let me get a few things off my chest. First of all, I hated the romance between Blair and Dan. Dan should have ended up with Vanessa.

Serena dated Nate, so why was she mad at Blair for dating Dan? 10 · 2 comments If you’re looking for a show like Gossip Girl, check out Elite on Netflix.

Most of her life had been an endless loop of repetition, filled with the same people, parties, and predictability. Even her dreams had been predictable, and she liked it like that. Each novel feels a bit like the same story, over and over. W This review is also posted at http: Wash, rinse, and repeat. Serena gets a boyfriend. After five minutes, she’s bored of him. She dumps boyfriend and finds someone else. Jenny follows on Serena’s keels trying to be just like her. Dan makes a butt out of himself.

Vanessa does something equally dumb or unbelievable. And Chuck just hangs out with his pet monkey believe it or not, that’s not a metaphor for anything. In this installment in the series, the seniors are all finding out where they got in to college, or are deciding which college they want to go to if they haven’t already.

Nate Archibald

Toronto-based freelance writer The End of Gossip Girl: Dair While I’m disappointed in how the series ended, I’m still appreciative of the writers for taking a chance on the most unlikely couple. I instantly became a fan. He was a middle-class boy from Brooklyn who became the Nick Carraway character we viewers could live vicariously through. She’s a brunette Regina George — a character we’re supposed to see as a villain, but can’t help but love because of the charm and great comedic talent of Leighton Meester.

May 01,  · The book Nobody Does it Better (Gossip Girl #7) by Cecily von Ziegesar is an amazing teen romance. Serena and Blair, New York’s most well-known teen best friends, battle their last year of high school in New York/5().

It’s not like he’s been waiting for her or anything. But still, the only thing he can do is grab her bags and tell her to come inside. Gossip Girl – Rated: Nate and Serena moving in together. K – English – Romance – Chapters: They’ve gotten better and better at resisting temptation. Or at the very least, they try. It wasn’t fair for him to look at her like that, making her want to go the opposite of slow. He would follow her anywhere, and if she needs him to prove that, he will.

This time, they’re going to get it right. He takes care of her and she takes care of him. But they’re not a couple.

Ten Long Years of Trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen

You don’t want to see his enemy kick. Sure, I might fantasize about smothering her in her sleep sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we’re not friends! Two people are supposedly friends, except they seem to hate each other. They’re always bickering, insulting each other or outright whupping each other, which leaves the audience wondering, “How the hell are these people friends?

Once in a while they’ll have a heartwarming moment which will make the audience go ” Aww, Look!

Although her and Nate start dating, her and Serena don’t get along. Over the season, it is revealed that Juliet is out to get Serena because of something Serena did to her family in the past. Charlie Rhodes: Charlie is Serena and Eric’s long lost cousin whose mother forbid her .

Edit Lily had been upset that Charlie hadn’t been seen since the accident and hired a private investigator to track her down. The investigator accidentally found the real Charlie, who was enrolled at Juilliard. When Lily thought she saw Charlie, she called out her name and Lola turned around and said that was indeed her name which lead to Lily believing she found the wrong Charlotte Rhodes. She worked for the catering companty that worked for Blair’s wedding.

She and Nate Archibald started dating. In the Valentine’s day episode, Lola, catering a party at the empire, runs into an old friend from Florida, Ivy, who’s been impersonating her. Nate, still under the impression that Ivy’s real name is Charlie, explains the situation to Lola. Lola figures out that Ivy has been using her name, but doesn’t know why. A gossip girl blast tips Lola off that “Charlie” Ivy is at the hospital.

Lola goes to the hospital, sees her mum Carol and asks what she is doing there. Lola is dragged to CeCe’s wake by Georgina Sparks. Lola then questions her mother’s motives as to why she was hidden from all of the family, she never knew existed. At CeCe’s wake, Carol confesses to William van der Woodsen that Lola is his daughter, making her Serena and Eric’s first cousin as well as their sister.

‘Gossip Girl’ Season 6, Episode 3 Recap: Dan Double-Crosses While Chuck And Blair Double-Team

Or is she simply an empty-headed cipher, a pretty projection of every man’s desire and every woman’s insecurities? Asking these questions may mean taking Serena more seriously than I’m inclined to, but they have fast become the theme of “Gossip Girl” Season 4. In the past, we’ve been led to assume that Serena is merely a victim of fate — the girl who ended up in the wrong hotel room on the wrong night, who can’t stop loving either of the guys who had her heart in high school, who fell for a guy who she didn’t even know would end up being her professor.

Now, everything is starting to change. Her refusal to choose between Dan and Nate has gone on for so long it’s become infuriating.

Nate and Serena never get back together. Golden boy starts dating Carol’s real daughter Lola (not Ivy Dickens). They meet at Louis and Blair’s wedding where she is working as a cater waiter.

This week’s ” Gossip Girl ” wasn’t quite as infuriatingly regressive as episode , but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to feel much empathy for any of the characters when they’re all such manipulative, selfish wastes of oxygen. I know, I know, welcome to the entire premise of the show. But while their irresponsible behavior was somewhat forgivable when these entitled Upper East Siders were in high school, shouldn’t they have learned something after five years of making the same mistakes over and over again?

Dan has truly become the privileged social climber he always aspired to be, and in the process, has become worse than any of the former friends who he feels have spent the last five seasons slighting him. Lonely Boy was once our innocent everyman, a window into an unfathomable world of excess that most of us could only shake our heads at from a safe distance, but now it seems as though the writers just want to see how unlikeable and irredeemable they can make him in the final ten episodes.

It doesn’t really bother me, since I never much cared about Dan and his pretensions, but I’m assuming the character had some fans, given the vocal “Dair” contingent last season, and I can’t imagine they’re thrilled with the turn he’s taken. Yes, Dan’s friends are terrible people, but they were born terrible people, with terrible role models and every opportunity afforded to them; Dan actually grew up with a supportive, relatively normal family and a comfortable but not excessively affluent lifestyle, and yet he tossed all those life lessons away to become just another spoiled little rich kid with more vanity than sense.

That character evolution is far more disappointing than anything Serena, Blair, Nate or even Chuck has ever done, because they’re used to getting away with being terrible, whereas Dan aspired towards it, even after he was given every opportunity to course-correct.

A definitive ranking of every shitty boyfriend Serena ran through on Gossip Girl

Not surprisingly it was a tad anticlimactic. The episode starts the day after Serena tells Blair her secret and Serena is nowhere to be found. Blair asks her two exes, Chuck and Nate, who now hate each other to meet at her place and she arrives home with a horribly hung-over Serena. She has a point. I mourned the loss of their relationship for 4.

Whose brunch does Serena take Dan to in episode 2? x. Pinterest Whose brunch does Serena take Dan to in episode 2? x. Nate Chuck keeps threatening to tell Nate about them. Nate doesn’t come to dinner. Her dad doesn’t come. Serena ditches her for Dan. 8. Who does Gossip Girl catch buying a pregnancy test? x.

I had to let out my feelings. Dan and Serena have broken up and gotten back together for like a million times. And each time they get back together, they only last 2 or 3 episodes before they decide to break up again. This shows that don’t work, as everytime they get back together, 2 or 3 episodes later, something comes up that makes them fight and break up. Nate handles a Serena episode better than Dan. Nate went through a similar situation wtih Serena in season 3, that Dan went through with Serena in season 1.

Lets compare how these guys handled these similar situations. Dan Season 1 Dan hooked up with Georgina before they were even officially broken up, hours after Serena told him she cheated on him. When he found out the truth, he helped her, but he broke up with her in the end. Nate Season 3 Nate was mad at Serena for all the lying, but was patient with her. Even when he thought she left town with Carter, he patiently waited for her to return. He didn’t hook up with Jenny, even if she kept throwing herself at him.

Nate & Serena kiss at white party; Gossip Girl