Can You Hook Up Two OTA TV Antennas?

See the FAQ for more information on this very cool feature! You should see your gravatar displayed in all it’s glory over in the sidebar. Don’t have a gravatar? It’s free and once you do, your new gravatar will appear in the sidebar and in the comments you make on any mod. See the FAQ for more information. So some family members are coming in for the weekend and you want them to stay in the RV. And like most of us, we need our TV but the RV has a batwing antenna that can only receive a few channels. How can you wire the RV so you can hook up a satellite receiver and keep the family peace all in one fell swoop? This mod will help you get connected and stay in the will.

SDR Receiver with a Slinky Antenna

Wireless technology seems to be the norm for most electronics , so it is reasonable to think that cable TV should be wireless as well. By switching to wireless, you can move the television to anywhere in the room or to another room altogether and not feel chained to a single cable outlet. You can send cable signals wirelessly with ease by using a wireless RF transmitter. Follow the steps to position the television, connect the transmitter and receiver, and adjust the signal to enjoy wireless cable TV in your home.

Even though the cable is wireless, the television still needs power to operate, so the wall outlet should be nearby. With a wireless connection, you do not have to worry about staying close to the cable outlet.

Hooking Up Your HDTV Hooking Up Your HDTV. By: Dave Donovan Then connect the receiver to the television with another S-Video cable. For audio, connect the red and white coaxial cables from the Cable box to the receiver and from the receiver to the television. How to Hook an Antenna to a Coaxial Cable. Home Electronics & Automation.

They might be ohms depending on how you position the aerials, how high from the ground, etc. So you can connect them right to your 75 ohm input. No antenna is one impedance or a perfect match across a band of Freqs. This is just the way it goes. With out some kind of adjustable antenna or antenna matching circuits there is always antenna losses. Normally antennas are matched and fixed at one Freq and a compromise at other freqs. Dedicated outdoor TV antennas like a Yagi typically are ohm nominal antennas because the active element is a folded loop.

A lot of the new UHF antennas are not ohms and have custom strip-line baluns on a PCB, to take say ohm bal to 75 ohm unbal for example. Again we are splitting hairs Other wise a piece of wire will work. If you don’t have the original antenna that came with the radio, some ZIP cord or speaker wire will work Tack that up on the wall, stretch out horizontal.

How to Hook Up a Digital TV HDTV With an Antenna

You can also refer to the step-by-step instructions below, select your preferred connection. This is the easiest method to connect your devices, and provides the highest quality of video and sound. If the receiver if powered on and cables are properly plugged your TV will recognize the connection. Select Rename Input and press the OK button. Audio, right channel White or black:

Jan 02,  · I have a Technics FM/AM Stereo Receiver and I can’t get any FM stations I’m not sure how to hook up the FM antenna. Posted by ran_marquez on Sep 03, I bought your Stereo receiver NS-R After a long job of hooking it up to a FM antenna in the attic the results are very disapointing. We are out here on a ranch in New.

Antennas Home Obtaining an intuitive idea for why antennas radiate is helpful in understanding the fundamentals of antennas. On this page, I’ll attempt to give a low-key explanation with no regard to mathematics on how and why antennas radiate electromagnetic fields. First, let’s start with some basic physics. There is electric charge – this is a quantity of nature like mass or weight or density that every object possesses. You and I are most likely electrically neutral – we don’t have a net charge that is positive or negative.

There exists in every atom in the universe particles that contain positive and negative charge protons and electrons, respectively. Some materials like metals that are very electrically conductive have loosely bound electrons. Hence, when a voltage is applied across a metal, the electrons travel around a circuit – this flow of electrons is electric current measured in Amps.

Let us get back to charge for a moment.

How to Hook Up an RV Satellite Dish to DirecTV

Usually, the TV states that it has a built-in receiver or tuner. Most cable or satellite TV companies allow their customers to rent these set top boxes for only a few dollars per month. This way customers do not need to go out and purchase a receiver to record, watch, or store their high definition programs. While all HDTV receivers allow customers to switch from high definition broadcasts back to standard TV broadcasts with ease, there are some HDTV receivers that require customers to manually switch back and forth.

This can be very inconvenient.

How do I hook up an outside satellite antenna? If your unit is equipped with an external satellite jack, hook the satellite antenna to the jack and hook the satellite receiver to the connection provided inside.

From the beginning, we had hoped to develop a splitter design for homebrewing that would perform as well or better than the rather expensive units currently available on the commercial market. Our first steps were to purchase the three two-port splitters currently available in North America and for Bill to take them through a sophisticated series of tests. The three units tested were: Our test unit was purchased from Universal Radio. Our unit was purchased directly from the Mini-Circuit sales office in Missouri phone: In brief, the findings were that all three units were quite adequate signal splitters and that – for all but the most demanding applications – we recommended selecting commercial units based on price and availability.

We also noted that the Mini-Circuits Model ZSC out-performed the other two units, at least slightly, in every single test. The data developed during those tests established the current state-of-the-art for the next design cycle. Those same results are presented in this article along with the test results for the new design that we suggest for DXers who wish to “roll their own” and save a good bit of “radio money” in the process.

In recent years, increasing numbers of radio hobbyists have wished to attach multiple receivers to the same antenna. This need may stem from a group wishing to share a single antenna on a DXpedition, or it may be from a single hobbyist wishing to operate two or more receivers simultaneously from the same antenna.

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Here’s more detail on each of these concepts Do ensure your system has adequate voltage The 1 problem encountered by DSM fliers: Unlike PCM, where servos get “crunchy” at voltages as low as 2. New QuickConnect software allows restoration of your radio link the instant voltage is restored.

However, a much better arrangement would be to connect the receiver to your HDTV using A/V cables (Yellow composite or S-video + red/white audio) and then connect the antenna directly to the antenna .

Take a look at the block diagram above and notice where the antenna tuner and SWR meter are in relation to the flow of the RF signal coming from the transceiver. Note that the rf is actually flowing in both directions and not just toward the antenna. Your station may not use them You will notice that You just learned how to hook it all up! Just remember that our goal is to make the transceiver think all is well, and in order to “read” the SWR and Power out pertaining to “all is well” Now Let’s learn how to “tune” that “tuner” Most antenna tuners have an inductance rotary switch and two capacitors.

In some antenna tuners the inductance switch is replaced with a continuously variable inductance, popularly known as a roller inductor. Let’s assume you’re using a tuner with an inductance switch, because they are the most common. Place both capacitor controls at their mid-range positions.

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Dipoles work OK when the signal is adequate, but when multipath is stronger than the direct signal AND the tuner has inadequate alternate channel selectivity, it’s time to forget about clear reception and that’s what I have here- as I wrote, I’m very close to an antenna farm and that’s not good for someone who likes to listen to a college station that’s weaker than all of the others.

Here’s a photo of the kind I’m referring to. It’s possible that some are two wires, but many aren’t and I have seen several that had been cut.

Jan 19,  · Then use one of the other out ports on the splitter to the new non-HD receiver. Sound right? This question, “Hooking up SWM splitter,” is about .

Many years ago Decibel Products a major RF hardware manufacturer published a series of informative pamphlets on systems engineering topics. The earliest seems to be DB made it available on their corporate web site, and it’s available as a 1. This document should be required reading for anyone wanting to learn about antenna systems. Some very useful charts and procedures. Worth printing and adding to your tech notebook.

Getting radio signals through my TV cable?

Power up the receiver and TV and press the power button on power inserter to initiate antenna search sequence! Generally, coverage is limited to the continental United States. Coverage may be available outside of the United States but will be limited. You can watch any program on either TV as long as the programs are on the same satellite.

Do I need to go through all receiver setup steps every time I use the antenna? As long as the receiver configuration has not been altered since last usage, no re-configuration is necessary.

photo above: Inside the IPA receiver showing the high quality construction In operation, the filaments are set to about to vdc using the panel meter as reference. Tuning is accomplished with the Secondary Condenser and then “peaking” the signal with the Antenna Condenser.

Important Guidelines Regarding Safety And General Construction Layout As I presume you have read the safety article Relating to the Crystal Set, The rules are exactly the same regarding the safe use of Antennas and the polarity of certain components such as the electrolytic capacitors and Batteries if you have built the amplified crystal set. The 2N FET is not as static sensitive as other expensive MOSFET devices used in other applications such as high power PA Amplifiers, But you must try to handle it as little as possible and try not to apply no more then 5 seconds of heat when soldering into the circuit which should be just enough to make a nice clean shiny joint.

Veroboard is suitable for the audio amplifier circuit, But I do strongly recommend the old style of wiring which is the use of laminated PCB board, Because it forms an excellent ground plain resulting in less hand capacity effects when tuning in the higher shortwave frequencies. Also do not overlook the advantage of using the valve style method such as aluminium cases and tag board. General Construction Of The Receiver Please refer to picture 3 which is the circuit diagram and picture 4 the wiring diagram.

The copper cladboard specially recommended for all these versions of the regenerative receiver is available from Maplin Electronics code WF41U and should accommodate all hardware and components. The RF coils weather band switching is used or not are best mounted on the left hand side with the tuning capacitor in the centre. Also if band switching is used you must mount each tuning coil about 2 inches or 40 mm apart to avoid coupling effects and make sure that you keep wiring in the tuned circuits as short as possible, Particularly the SW3 high frequency coil.

The other wiring is not as critical but do try to keep it as neat and short as possible. All Wiring of this receiver is supported by tagboards and points marked E are chassis earth return points in which all leads can solder direct to the copper board. It must be mounted on veroboard and a 14 pin DIL holder is recommended to avoid the risk of damaging this IC when soldering. Also you must make sure this IC is wired or plugged into the holder with the correct polarity or it may be immediately destroyed.

New Carryout G2+ with Power Inserter

This can eliminate the need for a second radio at the office and saves you money. The home kit includes a dock, an antenna, power cord and the necessary cables to connect the radio to a stereo system in your office. Confirm that a home kit is available for your Sirius radio by browsing the accessory section of SiriusXM’s online store link in Resources. Locate the home kit in the listed accessories and purchase it.

Apr 28,  · So I got a Tailgater and DISH receiver to use in our Big Horn but continue to have trouble getting reception using the trailer wiring. I connected the antenna/dish unit to the Living Room coax on the UDC and then in the LR compartment connect the receiver in to the lower coax and then search for satellitesdoesn’t work.

Some of these features became “standards” for communications receivers while others are only found on the PR and its matching Pre-Selector. Besides its unusual design, the PR has an important place in history relating to radio manufacturing on the West Coast in the s. The PR has always been a favorite of mine, probably because it was the first communication receiver I owned at age fifteen.

This write-up includes circuit details, restoration suggestions and a performance report. Before , radio building on the West Coast was uninhibited and pretty much any type of radio could be built and sold without very much interference from the license-holding and patent-owning radio manufacturers located on the East Coast. California was just too far away and their share of the booming radio market didn’t seem to impact the radio-selling profits enough to enlist infringement-busting lawyers to pursue those who were violating patents.

By , RCA was beginning to assert some control over some of their newly acquired patents. Mainly the “Tuned Radio Frequency” circuit was important at the time although anything resembling a superheterodyne was almost certain to be a target for the radio lawyers, too. RCA was beginning to pressure the Gilfillan Bros. Sennett and Jay Gilfillan, the only large-scale radio builder in Los Angeles actually in the entire West who also had other assembly plants around the country. The pressure became intense enough that eventually Sennett Gilfillan got on a train heading East with the intention of a “face to face” meeting with RCA officials.

Sarnoff easily avoided meeting with Gilfillan for several hours but that just seemed to incense Gilfillan more. Finally, in the late afternoon, Gilfillan got his meeting with Sarnoff.